Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Most Common asked Questions

How, Why, Who, When, Where, What, Will and Can of limo hire

Question/ 1
What are prices for Limousine Hire?
Prices vary from company to company, limousine to limousine.
  • Limousine type
  • Size / how many passengers can it seat
  • Features
  • Date
  • Time of Day
  • Actual number of Passengers
  • Pick-up Area.
    If there is more than one pick-up required you
    should mention them when asking for a quote for hire,
    usually an itinerary is required for bookings over an hour.
  • Destination.
  • Hours required.
Note: You should always ask for the registration of the limousine you have enquired about.

Question/ 2
How do I Book a Limousine?
Phoning always produces the most efficient answers to your requirements and also you get to talk to the company direct thus ensuring whether you like them or not and believe they provide an excellent service to suit your needs or special requirements.
You can also enquire online through Contact or Online Quote forms although prices can be subject to change as only the basic details have been given and then on the day the client wants to change the amount of pick-ups and the time quoted for goes over the allocated time.
When booking you need to be precise as Logistics for limousines are many and going into Over Time can cost you anywhere from a $1 per minute upwards in excess of $150 per quarter hour.
Also the chauffeur may have other clients he has to look after on the day.

Question/ 3
Will the limousine arrive on time?
Limousine companies should always be on an exacting time frame as they usually have other clients to attend on the day, limo hire has peak and off peak times and everyone wants to travel at peak of course, meaning that if you book at 5PM you need to be ready to go as soon as the limo arrives at 4.59PM, maybe have a few photos, get organized in the limo and then enjoy the journey, if you are late then you should be prepared for O/Time Rates.

Question/ 4
What should i expect from a limousine company?
A courteous and can do approach.
Prompt and efficient service in handling your enquiry.
A confirmation email stating all facets & agreement price of the hire.

Question/ 5
What should i expect from my chauffeur?
The limousine should arrive on time &
be spotlessly clean inside and out and be prepared to suit the occasion.
The chauffeur should be in a full suit wearing the Suit Jacket at all times & be well groomed.
Polite and engaging.

Question/ 6
Can we drink in the limousine?
Beverages can be consumed in most limousines
Usually most limousines have champagne glasses and tumblers

Question/ 7
Can we supply our own drinks?
Yes for Adults - Alcohol must be kept to a minimum
Under 18 years of age NO! (soft drink or water is OK)

Question/ 8
Can we eat food in the limousine.
By law food is not supposed to be consumed in a licensed commercial passenger carrying vehicle.
Although you may bring food for later on to be consumed at your destination.

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